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How your donation will be used

 Ignite the Fire Ministry team travels throughout  the United States and is currently sending mission teams in to Mexico, The Dominican Republic, and Nicaragua. We also have  a vision for Africa in the summer of 2020!  Our focus is on bringing the gospel to the nations. Your donation will pay for necessary travel expenses such as airline tickets, accommodations, food, and all in country travel needs to deliver the gossel to as many as possible. In 2020, we are believing for an even greater harvest of souls and to bring the gospel to more people  than we have ever  before!  Your tax-deductible, donation will make a measurable difference in the Kingdom.  The call for worldwide evangelism before us is great and we simply cannot do it without your help.   Do you have a heart for missions? Click here to inquire about joining our mission team. Would you like our mission team to come to your city? Click here to send us a message.